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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Benjy Davis Project in May and June---Anyone Wanna Go?

Hey guys! Here at Handmade Louisiana, we not only support handmade artisans but we support local musicians! So, is anyone interested in going with me to see the Benjy Davis Project?
May 7th, in Hammond at Chevy's, Time and Tickets TBA.
Also, June 20th, in Mandeville at Howlin' Wolf.

Anyone up for going? I'm going to hit at least one of the show! These guys are awesome! :)

Support your local musicians!!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

May Meeting! Come on Down!

Don't Forget! We'll have a meeting, Monday, May 4th at Books A Million in Covington at 7:30pm. Hope to see you there!! If you can come, please visit the forums and let us know! We also want suggestions, ideas, etc for our group, even if you can't attend the meeting! We're small, but growing!

Bring an item if you want it lovingly critiqued, and any questions you want answered! I may have the business cards by then also and can hand some of those out.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for local musicians, especially indie ones (they are indie only if they are unsigned by a major label..they'll tell you if they are.)

So, I'll see you there!

Don't forget to visit the forums, introduce yourself and get involved! We have set it up so you need approval to join the forums and we require you to post at least once a month or you'll be removed from the portal. Please visit HERE and please reply that you AGREE To the rules!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Don't Forget Local Musicians!

Hey ya'll! While this blog mostly focuses on local handmade artisans, we should not forget local musicians also!!
I had the great pleasure of seeing Marc Broussard again last night, live in concert and it was great! He's a super awesome guy, spent time with the fans and even gave us an impromptu concert when we mentioned that we had always wanted to hear a particular song live! It was awesome and he sat down and played several of the 'secret songs' (the songs at the end of the album not listed in the track list..the ones true fans know!) for us! I did record them but out of respect for his family (his son was playing in the background of the video) I've made them private on YouTube.
Anyways, he's from Lafayette and is a fantastic musician and seems like a great guy! (I invited him to come on Blockhead Radio one day...we'll see!!!LOL) :)

So my long winded, stalkerish point is, if you know of any local musicians who need some air time, please not only refer them to this blog so we can list them, but refer them to Blockhead Radio, where they play only indie music and support indie musicians!

Musicians are very much artisans in their craft and deserve our local support as well!! Our only rule is their material be mostly PG-13! (That is also Blockhead Radio's rule!) :)

So keep on rocking locally guys! Hey, remember when The Imagination Movers were just a local band playing little gigs in the park? Now kids around the world are obsessed with them!

Louisiana has awesome talent and abilities...let's show em!

Sample of Marc's awesomeness:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Want to be Featured on This Blog?

Then leave a comment on this thread with the shop I can contact you at, or if you do not sell online, an email I can reach you at! We will randomly pick artisans from Louisiana and surrounding areas to feature!! So get involved, drop us a comment and let us know! You can pretty soon be feature!

Remember, I promote ALL my blogs, including this one, on my Plurk, TWitter, Facebook and Blockhead Radio! Big exposure!

Let us promote you!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Don't Forget the Portal!

There is a nifty little blue widget over there on the right that you can click and take you straight to the portal! Now the portal is not without it's issue, because yes, we're new at running a portal!! So please, if you have ANY issues with the portal, signing in, posting, etc, PLEASE contact me, or just leave a comment here!

We want this to be a fantastic group and I know we can be because of the fantastic members! So let us know how we can help you as a group!!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Want to stay up to date on all things Handmade Louisiana?

Then just enter your email over there in that nifty box
and you will be updated when a new post is made...don't worry we don't plan on posting every day so the emails will be approx. 1-3 times a week! :)

Thank you for your support and for supporting Handmade Louisiana!

Friday, April 10, 2009

We're growing..slowly!

Here at Handmade Louisiana we are just starting and growing already! We are not 'officially' "live" yet, but are already welcoming any artisans from Louisiana (and the Gulf Coast). If you are in or from Louisiana and buy or sell handmade, feel free to join this blog by following it, or joining in on our portal!

I think you'll like this group quite a bit, but if you have any ideas, suggestions, tips, questions, please feel free to contact me via the portal (my screenname there is awesomeamy) or conact me at http://mamaslittlemonkeys.byhand.me

So jump right in and show us what you got! :)


Monday, April 6, 2009


to Handmade Louisiana! This is a brand new blog for ALL handmade artisans in Louisiana! This is also a great blog for those who want to PURCHASE excellent handmade Louisiana items! We will have a fearless blog leader, Lisa, who you can find at www.lisaraspino.etsy.com, who will basically be your blog go-to gal!

Want to JOIN Handmade Louisiana? Then you can contact Merry at www.cheeseandchocolate.etsy.com or visit our BRAND NEW FORUM at http://handmadela.informe.com/portal.html

So come on down, get involved in Handmade Louisiana life and have fun!

Admin/Group Owner
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