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Monday, August 30, 2010

Craft a Long Winner Is..........

Etco!! Congrats to Etco for her beautiful bayou bracelet! Please check her shop out!
Stay tuned for another Craft A Long next month!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Am New Orleans....

Five years ago today, life changed for everyone in the Gulf Coast, in one form or another. The Mississippi Coast was shattered, the Bayou and Coastal parishes of Louisiana were tortured and eroded. New Orleans flooded. My own hometown of Slidell was drastically damaged as 8 feet of water came in from Lake Ponchartrain.

Today, please remember the cities, states and PEOPLE who suffered the damage of this incredible storm. Be PREPARED for a storm! Be ready to evacuate. Donate to the organizations that help those who can not leave, and who clean up the damage.

Our coast, our state, our neighbors are important...special people. We are a hardy people, but we must work together to have a safer, better New Orleans and surrounding cities. Louisiana is where we at!

So today, I'm not going to post pictures of the damage. My heart can't take it. Instead, I post this video from our very own Vince Vance. Even though it focuses on New Orleans, anyone in the Gulf Coast can 'get' it and understand. Hurricane Katrina may have tried to kick our ass....but we can kick it back.

Be strong! Remember, they said the Saints would never win a Super Bowl! Who looks stupid NOW!?

And because we can NEVER get enough footage of our Saints kicking BUTT:

Monday, August 23, 2010

Member Artisan Feature: Firebolt Creations

Meet Kelly, who started making jewelry as a hobby ten years ago and has since evolved into successful business called Firebolt Creations.

Kelly is inspired by anything she finds that is “new, fun, colorful, interesting.” When asked what the favorite aspect of her work is, she replies, “Having people say, ‘wow - how did you do that?’"

She advises artisans not to overspend on materials. “You can always get more later,” she says, “and there may be a better product that comes out before you work thought all the stuff you have your money tied up in.”

One skill Kelly would like to develop is metalworking.

Kelly’s connection to Louisiana is deep. She was born and raised in South Louisiana. “Louisiana will always be a place like no other,” she says. “It is a unique place that I have many fun memories of.”

To learn more about Kelly’s creations, visit her Etsy shop at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/FireboltCreations

Friday, August 20, 2010

Time to Vote in the August Craft a Long!!

This month's theme is "Southern Living"....which item do YOU feel most captures that theme?

*Bayou Bracelet from Etco
Bracelet made with a fabulous verdigris patina Fleur De Lis, chocolate Seed Beads and Antique Brass components

*Southern Celebrations by BayouMoon
In the South we LOVE parties, and we love details!!

*Coffee Cup Cozy by Girls Love Bows

*Love Louisiana Magnet from Mama's Little Monkeys
Cardstock La state and heart magnet

*NOLA Dish Cloth Bouquet from Baby Deary
Add a little Southern Charm to your kitchen... Use as decorations until you need a towel! :-)

*LSU Tiger Dress by Sheila Mallard

*Eye of the Tiger from Dusty Oak Ornaments

So cast your vote in your fave!! Thanks so much and keep an eye out for next month's theme!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Member Artisan Feature: Bellabugs

Meet Grechen, owner/operator of Bellabugs, specializing in children’s clothing and accessories. Louisiana born and raised, Grechen has been creating handcrafted baby items since the birth of her daughter, and she continues to be inspired by her children.

She enjoys mixing and matching fabrics and offers boutique quality items at affordable prices. Her favorite creations include her pillowcase dresses (above), but be sure to check out her adorable onesies: “Little Dive High Heel Shoe Onesie” and “Little Dude Tie Onesie.”

When asked about her biggest challenge as designer/artist/business owner, she cites a common one: managing her time. Grechen offers the following advice for other artist/sellers: “Constantly look for new and creative ways of drawing buyers in.”

To learn more about Bellabugs, visit:

Friday, August 6, 2010

Feel the Love! Handmade Louisiana mentioned in the TP "Wish" section!

For HL members in the New Orleans, be sure the check out the Times-Picayune's Wish supplement ('the guide to fine local shopping') in the August 6 edition.   Both the Handmade Louisiana blog and Miss Malaprop's blog (http://missmalaprop.com/) were mentioned on page 11 "Online Shopping News."

So what does it say about Handmade Louisiana? 
" This locally focused blog links to dozens of online purveyors of whimsical handcrafted products and craft bloggers, as well as its own group shop on etsy.com, that online bazaar for all things crafty.  Handmade Louisiana's monthly themed "Craft-A-Long" feature encourages lurkers to break out their own hot-glue guns and sewing kids in hopes of winning a free ad on the blog. "
And for HL members in other parts of the state, be sure to share your news with us, either via the portal  (click the tab above) or via email.
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