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Saturday, December 3, 2011

November Craft a Long Winner Is:

Morgan from Morgan's Gift Boutique!!

Check out her shop for some unique, original and custom hand painted glasses!~~Amy

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November Craft a Long Challenge!

Hi all! This month's theme, was, of course, "Be Thankful"! Our artisans came together with a few items, and we'd love you to vote for the item you feel best fits the theme and you like best!! You may vote for more than one item!

Breast Cancer Folder Fridge Magnet from Brenda at CuteLookNFood2Boot
"Thankful that my sister, friends and other family members have survived breast cancer. And looking forward to the day we are thankful there is a cure!"

Hand Painted Glasses from Morgan 
who is thankful for all educators!!

Hand picked and Canned yummies from Emily of GreenBoot
who's thankful for a friend who shares their bounty!

Hand Dyed Scarf from Wendy of SplendiferousFiber
Thankful for trees and nature, her artistic inspiration..

Gratitude Journal from Kathy of Kathy Maximo Designs

Photography from Amy of Mama's Little Monkeys/BadgeReels/MicroMops
"I am thankful for Crafts, Supplies, and Black and Gold!"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Artist of the Month for October

Congratulations to Sheila of Magnolia's Boutique as this month's featured artist! Read below for the interview to learn more about this very talented artist!

Introduction- Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Sheila. I'm the Mississippi half of a Mississippi/Louisiana marriage. I've lived just about 80 miles north of the Mississippi/Louisiana state line all my life. After meeting my husband in 2004 I started spending a good bit of time in Louisiana and fell in love with the area. I have 2 daughters age 28 and 30. We currently live in Hattiesburg.

How did you get started making handmade items?

I've been sewing off and on most of my life. Some of my best memories are sewing on my grandmother's old treadle machine. I sewed most of the dresses my children wore when they were little. A few years ago I had to leave my nursing career due to health issues. I picked up sewing again as a hobby to fill the empy hours. Since I enjoyed making the dresses for my daughters that was what I started sewing. I had been collecting vintage chenille spreads for years. I decided to combine the vintage chenille and the sewing and came up with some really cute items. It was not long after that I ventured into cotton fabrics and Etsy. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

Since I'm retired and my children are grown I live a more relaxed lifestyle. The sewing is more of a hobby for me than a job. Most days you will find me out every morning on the front porch with a cup of coffee and in my rocking chair. I read how young moms balance jobs, children, marriage, and their crafting and I'm amazed that they have the energy to keep up. I raise my cup of coffee to you and say........enjoy it! Those days will be over in a blink of the eye. First thing you know you will be looking back and wondering where all the days went. I help care for my 96 year old grandmother. She is the inspiration for the name of my clothing line, Zella P. Due to her poor health and advanced age she spends all of her time now confined to bed. Her mind takes her back in time to people and places of long ago. She still imagines herself sewing. 

If you could tell someone anything about Louisiana, what would you tell them?

Louisiana is like a little country within a country. It's entirely different than anywhere else I've been. The people are over the top friendly. The food is amazing. If you're from outside Louisiana forget the stuff you've heard about boudin. It's delicious!

What is your favorite item to make?

My favorite items to make are little girls dresses. It's easy to let your creativity run wild with them. I'm often asked about making little boys clothing. Sorry, it's just not as much fun as sewing dresses. I enjoy crafting with vintage chenille. Most people see the chenille and it's like an instant flashback to childhood. I often hear people say my mom or grandmother had one of these when I was a child. 

What is your favorite food from Louisiana?

That's easy.....fried shrimp, fried shrimp, and more fried shrimp.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Artist of the Month- September!

Congratulations to My Green Boot as this week's featured artist! Read below for the interview to learn more about this one-of-a-kind artist.

Introduction- Tell us a bit about yourself.

I grew up in Central Louisiana. My father is a hardworking man from Avoyelles Parish, who loves the outdoors and instilled in me a love for fishing and camping. My mother is the sweetest woman you will ever
meet. She grew up in the New Orleans area and is a very talented seamstress. We all (including my brother) live in Cajun country now. So, I'm a mix of redneck, Cajun and NOLA!

How did you get started making handmade items?
My grandmother and my mother taught me to sew, embroider and crochet. I've always loved playing around with markers, paint, pencils, clay, etc. But, I never tried selling anything until I learned how to make
jelly. One day, my mom showed me how to make pepper jelly and wine jelly - and I was hooked! They became inexpensive and unique gifts for me to give. I finally started selling a few years ago - on etsy and to
friends and family. I look at perfectly good food and alcohol and think to myself...could I can that? It's become a slight obsession. I tell everyone that jars are gold to me. So is fresh produce. (Luckily, my
jar collection hasn't taken over the house yet thanks to orders!)

What does a typical day look like for you?

I wish I could say I wake up and start working in the kitchen, but I don't (YET!). I work for a commercial real estate agent (seriously one of the smartest men I know) full-time, so my crafting is done at home,
after work and on weekends. One day, I'd love to be able to create full-time, but in the meantime, I'm learning as much as I can in the real estate industry. (Commercial real estate requires some very
creative thinking sometimes!)

If you could tell someone anything about Louisiana, what would you tell them?
It would take me forever! I absolutely LOVE Louisiana. We've got such a mix of cultures here. Redneck, Cajun, New Orleans, Lake Charles has Texas influences and WAY down South you've got the THICK Cajun accents and lifestyle (al a Swamp People). We'll find any reason to party (down South, anyway!). We are a true Sportmans Paradise, with all of the hunting, freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing opportunities a true outdoorsman could want. Even some of our "big" cities have a small town feel to them. There is a festival almost every weekend. We've got some super talented musicians and artists. And the food!!! (Did you know, Lafayette was named Best For Food in Rand McNally's Best Of The Road Competition 2011??) There are so many other things to mention, but likeI said, it would take me forever.

What is your favorite item to make?
I'd have to say the wine jellies. I make everything with the intention of it tasting good (of course!), but there is just something that makes me smile when I hold a jar of wine jelly to the sun and see how it captures the beauty of the wine's color.

However, my favorite item to make AND consume is my pickled okra. I can't keep enough of it in my stash because my co-workers are literally buying it before I can it. Yes. I'm bragging. My pickled okra is

What is your favorite food from Louisiana?

Two words: boiled crawfish.

Any other information you'd like us to know?
It's so hard to explain everything that I like to make in my etsy shop or on facebook. I LOVE being given a challenge or being given free rein to be creative and make something I've never made before to fit a
customer's needs.

I'm also very proud of the fact that I am the only person who sells honey bourbon jelly. (Google it!) And right now, I'm the only one selling crawfish jelly on etsy.


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Interview by B.Ponvelle

Sunday, August 28, 2011

August Craft A Long Challenge Winner is...........

Brenda from CuteLootnFood2Boot!!! I've lost track of her wins at this point!!! :)
Congrats Brenda! You're super cute fridge folder magnets won!!
Hop on over to her shop and check out her other awesome items!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

August Craft a Long Voting Time!

It's time to vote!! We took part of the summer off from our Craft a Long challenges, but we're back!!

This month's theme is Southern Living. Please vote in the poll on the side bar with the item you feel best symbolizes Southern Living. Voting ends August 25th! Thanks!!
Southern Style-Southern Flair from ChloeBoutique

Classy crystal rhinestone Fleur de Lis earrings; so pretty and can be worn with a dressy outfit, or everyday jeans! Show your Southern Living and Louisiana Pride with these sparkly Fleur de Lis!

Cajun Crawfish Handpainted Scarf from SplendiferousFiber

Carry some Cajun flair with you when you wear this 100% silk hand painted scarf. Shades of watery blues and greens set off the metallic scarlet crawdads, hand overprinted with original design crawfish stamps. 10.5 x 59 inches, hand washable in mild soap; please do not soak; air dry.

Fleur de Lis Keychain from Etco
Beautiful verdigris patina brass Fleur De Lis keychain

Fleur De Lis Kitchen set by QuibbyMade
Bag holder and matching dish towels

LSU Inspired Fridge Folder Magnet-Geaux Tigers from CuteLootNFood2Boot

Southern Living means being an LSU tiger fan!! This 4-1/2" x 6" folder has gusseted sides and a magnetic backing. It looks very cool on the fridge or file cabinet, and is the perfect size to hold recipes, coupons, photos . . . better yet, LSU football season tickets!!

Ceramic Fleur De Lis Pendant from Hurricane Pottery

Rosenberg's Glass Tile Necklace from Mama's Little Monkeys
1825 Tuuuuuulane. It's ingrained in our brains in New Orleans!

LSU Coffee/Tea Sleeve by BabyDeary
Use this coffee/tea sleeve to wrap around your drink to enjoy it to the fullest!!

Thanks and get to voting!!! :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Artist of the Month for August!!

Congrats to Sarah of Paper Treehouse Studio as this month's featured artist! Read the interview to learn more about this very talented artist!

Introduction- Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Sarah and I am a married mom of two energetic kids, an art teacher and illustrator. I always loved to draw and paint when I was growing up and got a degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design. After having kids I wanted a flexible job and started teaching art part-time in public schools and a private studio. It is the most rewarding job I have ever had. It keeps me motivated and inspired because there is always something new to learn.

How did you get started making handmade items?
When I was pregnant with my second child I created a couple of painting and illustrations to decorate the nursery. I have always loved the simplicity of “kids” art. It is fun and relaxing to be in my own world creating whatever comes to mind. Plus, illustrating was the one thing I missed from my advertising job. I am flattered that people use my digital illustrations to make their own crafts such as scrap booking, educational posters, birthday decorations, wall art for a child’s room, jewelry, etc. After I made my child’s birthday invitations and decorations I expanded my shop to include printable birthday invitations too. I figured it would make it easier for customers who want their own unique party theme without investing to much time in designing their own. The diy printable format eliminates lots of waste. People can print just what they need quickly and still have it customized to fit their needs.

What does a typical day look like for you?
Since it is the summer I have lots of flexibility in my day. I am up before 6:00 am every morning. I begin fulfilling orders, illustrating and updating my Etsy shop during morning nap time. From mid-morning till the afternoon we run errands, housework, go to the gym and have lunch. This is the part of the day that keeps me being glued to the computer and becoming the equivalent of a couch potato. With afternoon nap comes more time for illustrating. I could have named my Etsy shop Nap Time Studio since it is when I do most of the work. The evenings are spend with the together, soccer practice, dinner and all the usual family stuff. It is a very domestic life style but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you could tell someone anything about Louisiana, what would you tell them?
We have the most beautiful trees. I know it may sound strange but when I lived in New York for a year it was the thing I missed the most. These huge oak trees make our landscape amazing. The people here are friendly and laid back too. There are lots of musicians and artist in this area. It is a real nice place to raise a family.

What is your favorite item to make?
I don’t think I have a favorite. It is all fun. Sometimes I like to focus on upcoming holiday themes or anything fun that could be used to decorate the walls of a classroom or child’s nursery.

What is your favorite food from Louisiana?
I can’t pick just one… I love it all! Lots of seafood, jambalaya, boudin, barbecue, bread pudding and pies. Louisiana has some of the best food in the world!

Paper Treehouse Studio is giving away a digital illustration set valued at $10 or less.
LET US KNOW BY COMMENTING BELOW THAT YOU DID THE FIRST 2 IN ORDER TO BE ENTERED INTO CONTEST! The others are optional & can have seperate comments! We will use random.org to choose a winner!! Please don't forget your email incase you win, we will be able to contact you! :-)

How it works: (comment below to let us know you did these items)!
1. Visit Paper Treehouse's etsy shop and Like their facebook page.
2. Let Paper Treehouse know what is your favorite item by writing on their facebook wall!

3. Join this blog!
5. Write a blog entry about this giveaway!
6. Post this giveaway on your facebook wall!
7. Heart- Paper Treehouse on etsy!

We will pick 2 winners at the end of August for a free clip art set(s) valued at $10 or less. Winners must pick their prize from current listings in Etsy shop within 7 days of notice being sent. This offer does not include custom orders and can only be redeemed from their etsy shop, PaperTreehouseStudio on Etsy .

Visit Paper Treehouse Studio

Email Sarah-

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Artist of the Month for July!

Congratulations to Arlene at Chez Whimsy for being this month's featured artist!
Read below for the interview & visit her shop!

Introduction- Tell us a bit about yourself.
I have 3 full time jobs!! First job - wife and mom! Second job - school teacher (I teacher computer skills K-7.) Third Job - Chez Whimsy. I have a very supportive husband who helps me with everything! We have 3 beautiful teenage daughters who bring us much joy! They are also a big help!

How did you get started making handmade items?
If I see something crafty that I am really drawn to, I will always try to make it before buying it. I have created wreaths, wall hangings, painted outfits, hair bows, paintings...LOTS of stuff. I was taught how to sew by my mom and Home Ec. many years ago. I'm not a seamstress, but I can put a few things together! I have always had a love for personalized things, and wanted to get into embroidery, but was always too busy or felt I couldn't afford it. But, one day a friend and I began making personalized pillowcases and towels using fabric and a sewing machine. We saw a need to make them look more professional and decided to purchase an embroidery machine. I had already looked into creating a website and had picked the name Chez Whimsy for my business. From there it has evolved into a shop on ETSY creating mostly children's clothing.

What does a typical day look like for you?
At the moment, I am off for the summer! Although I still have to spend a few days at school during the summer break, I get to spend a few more hours in my shop during the day. Of course the girls are involved in school things and we also like to take an occasional fishing/crabbing trip. During school days, it tends to get very hectic! I have to run the girls here and there, cook, clean, do my schoolwork, and then stay up until 2 or 3 a.m. creating for my customers. But it always seems to work out!

If you could tell someone anything about Louisiana, what would you tell them?
First I think I would need to let them know that we aren't all SWAMP PEOPLE; Secondly, I have lived here all of my life and I don't know anyone who has an accent like the guy who narrates SWAMP PEOPLE (that southern drawl thing); finally, the SAINTS will always be #1 (no matter what!)

What is your favorite item to make?
I really enjoy creating the baby gowns! I get many orders from soon to be mommys who tell me they are bringing the baby home in the gown they are purchasing. It's just an honor to be a part of such a grand occasion!

What is your favorite food from Louisiana?
Why, boiled crawfish, of course!!

You can visit Chez Whimsy at the following locations:




To contact Chez Whimsy, you can email them at:


Sunday, May 29, 2011

May Craft a Long Winner is...

etco with her gorgeous garden earrings!! Congrats!!!! Thanks so much to all who entered!!
Please check out etco at her etsy shop and facebook page!!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Time to Vote for the May Craft a Long!!

Whoops, we haven't posted in awhile!! Spring has sprung, is over and it's hot and sweaty here!
Our thoughts and prayers are with our Louisiana residents affected by the flooding from the rising Mississippi River. Our members are considering donating a % of our charity funds from our Etsy shop to help those affected by the floods. We'll let you know what we decide.

~~ For now it's time to vote in the Craft a Long! This month...despite the lack of rain, our theme is Flowers and Greenery! Here's what lovely work our members have!
Forest Floor Handpainted Silk Scarf from Splendiferous Fiber.

13 x 70, 100% silk scarf is handpainted, sunprinted, and hand overprinted with pearlized blue and turquoise leaves, and speckled with metallic gold. Large size perfect for neck, waist or as a light wrap. One of a Kind.

Pretty Czech Glass Rose Bell Flowers hang from an antiqued brass flower connectors. They dangle from an antiqued brass leverback ear wires.
Raggy Flower Applique Ruffle T Shirt Set from Embellished Bayou


From CuteLootnFood2Boot
My take on "flour and greenery" with a recipe for Seafood Fettuccini and folder made of recycled card stock. A little all-purpose flour, green onions, green parsley. Well you get the idea!

Foxglove Art Print from DitsyGypsy.
Topiary Custom Throw 60"x90" from Pamela's Custom Creations

Blue Ceramic Wall Vase from Hurricane Pottery
Handbuilt, ceramic vase in royal blue with copper wire wrapped to form a hanger and, in front, a bow

Spring Dresses with Yo Yo Flowers from Vivy's Closet

Floral Pincushion with Fabric Covered Button from Destash City
Keep your pins and needles in one place and in style with this cute pincushion!

Thanks for voting!!!

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