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Monday, August 23, 2010

Member Artisan Feature: Firebolt Creations

Meet Kelly, who started making jewelry as a hobby ten years ago and has since evolved into successful business called Firebolt Creations.

Kelly is inspired by anything she finds that is “new, fun, colorful, interesting.” When asked what the favorite aspect of her work is, she replies, “Having people say, ‘wow - how did you do that?’"

She advises artisans not to overspend on materials. “You can always get more later,” she says, “and there may be a better product that comes out before you work thought all the stuff you have your money tied up in.”

One skill Kelly would like to develop is metalworking.

Kelly’s connection to Louisiana is deep. She was born and raised in South Louisiana. “Louisiana will always be a place like no other,” she says. “It is a unique place that I have many fun memories of.”

To learn more about Kelly’s creations, visit her Etsy shop at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/FireboltCreations


  1. Beautiful work, Kelly. I look forward to the metal work.

  2. Great work! I love all your design. Those were so fabulous.

    1. You're right Raven! I'm already a fan of her. I like the colors too. It's really incredible and fantastic.


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