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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Twitter Anyone?

Many of our members have Twitter and/or Plurk accounts. It is a wonderful way to get to know the person behind the items you love. It is also a great way to find out about wonderful new creations or sales. Check out these members by following them on Plurk or Twitter.

Mama's Little Monkeys/Fleur de Ink/Amos Amelia Soaps/Destash City- http://www.plurk.com/mamaslittlemonkeys
Mama's Little Monkeys/Fleur de Ink/Amos Amelia Soaps- http://www.twitter.com/fleurdeink
Debi Deaux Designs- http://www.twitter.com/debideaux
Gabrielle Acres- http://twitter.com/Herbfriend
Miss Malaprop- http://twitter.com/MissMalaprop
Embellished Bayou- http://www.twitter.com/embellishbayou
Andrea Evans Designs- http://www.twitter.com/aevansdesign
Lynne Anne's- http://www.twitter.com/lynneannes
Design Studio 504/Supply Studio 504- http://www.twitter.com/designstudio504
Andrea Evans Design- http://www.twitter.com/aevansdesign
Lemon Jitters- http://www.twitter.com/lemonjitters
Art by Mags!- http://www.twitter.com/artbymags
5 O'Clock Crows- http://www.twitter.com/5oclockcrows
Nomolos Designs- http://www.twitter.com/nomolosdesigns
Miss Malaprop- http://www.twitter.com/missmalaprop
Koala Bear Creations- http://www.twitter.com/koalacreations
Amazing Art Photos- http://www.twitter.com/amazingartphoto
JMS- Magazine Street Designs- http://www.twitter.com/magazinejms
Chloe Boutique- http://www.twitter.com/chloeboutique
Charmaine's Boutique- http://www.twitter.com/charmainesbutiq
New Orleans Umbrella Company- http://www.twitter.com/lizmpetro
Stitches in Cotton- http://www.twitter.com/stitchesincotton

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