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Friday, November 6, 2009

Member Artisan Profile: Jodie Flowers

Meet Jodie Flowers, winner of the Handmade Louisiana’s second Craft-a-Long (theme: "Education, School and Learning"). She is the artist/proprietor of Jodie Flowers - Animal Flowers Art Studio. Jodie is a true Renaissance woman! Her creations include mixed media, sewing, ceramics, polymer clay, among others.

When asked how she got her creative start, Jodie replies, “My mom basically built the house I grew up in from scratch. She combined two old shacks and fixed them up with tons of salvage stuff from New Orleans. She taught me to sew and I used to make clothes for my dolls when I was little. I loved making things with paper and scotch tape too. Then I went on to school and thought I wanted to go into journalism (because I love to write too). Liked it [writing] in high school, but in college, things took a turn and all I wanted to do was to take every Art class available. I stayed in college for seven years just making stuff. I graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from SLU.”

Monster Patch

Jodie finds inspiration all over, including from her son, cartoons, nature, the sea, bugs, poems, Dr. Seuss, Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland, Shell Silverstein, Maurice Sendak, Flickr, and “my mind's eye.” This explains the wonderfully eclectic nature of her body of work.

Her favorite pieces include her Crazy Leg Wall Vases and Screen Porch Spiders. Also popular are her monster patches. And let’s not forget her winning Craft-a-Long entry: Book Bugs.

Crazy Leg Vases

The best thing about being an artist, Jodie explains, is “doing what I love, when I want to and always having $$ in my pocket for myself, my husband and my son.”

When asked what she finds most challenging about being an artisan, Jodie says, “Juggling being a Mom, Wife, Daughter, Friend, and a full time Artist, when all I want to do is create all the time. If I had an island I could seclude myself on, I would!”

Jodie has this piece of advice to offer her fellow artists: “Promote, Promote, Promote! Tell everyone about your work, take chances and make something every day!!!”

What’s next for Jodie? One skill she’d like to learn is lampwork (glass bead making) and knitting. “I wish I could knit something more than a long scarf and learn to bind them all off properly. LOL!” she says.

Winning Craft-a-Long Entry: Book Bugs

Jodie explains her Louisiana connection: “I was not born here. I was born in Ismir Turkey, but my mom and dad are from here. My dad was a dentist in the Army, they returned to Louisiana when I was very young and I have lived here ever since.” She’s lived in Baton Rouge, Jackson, St. Francisville, Zachary, Hammond and now Abita Springs. “Louisiana is nice. I have traveled to some great places and this seems to be the place for me,” Jodie says. “You can make friends easily here. The weather could be cooler, but as long as there is AC, I am fine where I am.”

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