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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Prep Your Business for Hurricane Season

Yes, folks, it's that time of year. That time where the first sentence of a conversation isn't usually, "So what are you doing this weekend?" but is instead, "So what did Bob say the weather's doing?" (That's Bob Breck for you un-Louisianaianas).

So what can you do for your business this hurricane season?

First off, you basically should do the same things you do for your home:
  • Make your evacuation plans and plans to secure your home upone evacuation.
  • Take photographs and videos of ALL your inventory, supplies and equipment. If possible, try to take any important business paperwork when you leave, tax papers, supply lists, inventory lists, etc.
  • If possible, you may want to consider taking some of your supplies and inventory. Why? Well, this all depends on WHERE you live in evacuation country and what your craft is. If you own an extremely expensive sewing machine, you may want to go ahead and take it with you! For some people their craft supplies are almost important to them as their photographs! So only you can figure out what is most important to shove in the car!
  • At the very least, take photos, preferably video of your items just as you would your home inventory. Receipts, prices, and vital information about the items you photograph/video is always helpful to. "Sewing Machine" is not nearly as helpful should you have to file a claim as "Brother Computerized CE-40 Sewing Machine, Purchased,2008, 80.00 Ebay.com".
  • Ahead of time, prepare an "Evacuation" banner and message for your online shops. I will gladly create one and put it in our group should we need it! (Hopefully not!) If you sell on Etsy, Artfire, etc, put your shops on vacation with an explanation when you evacuate so sellers will know where you are.
  • GROUP MEMBERS: Post in the forums if you are evacuating! In any occurrence of a hurricane, we will have a thread specifically for that storm for a 'roll call' and contact information. This will help us make sure you are safe, sound and how to find you when we resume our normal lives!
  • Last but not least...take a step back, enjoy the summer, and remember, we've done this before, we'll do it again, and we will survive!
Here's to a safe, boring hurricane season. If you are so inclined, I wrote an article about a Greener Hurricane Recovery on Handmade News. You can find it here.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Twitter Anyone?

Many of our members have Twitter and/or Plurk accounts. It is a wonderful way to get to know the person behind the items you love. It is also a great way to find out about wonderful new creations or sales. Check out these members by following them on Plurk or Twitter.

Mama's Little Monkeys/Fleur de Ink/Amos Amelia Soaps/Destash City- http://www.plurk.com/mamaslittlemonkeys
Mama's Little Monkeys/Fleur de Ink/Amos Amelia Soaps- http://www.twitter.com/fleurdeink
Debi Deaux Designs- http://www.twitter.com/debideaux
Gabrielle Acres- http://twitter.com/Herbfriend
Miss Malaprop- http://twitter.com/MissMalaprop
Embellished Bayou- http://www.twitter.com/embellishbayou
Andrea Evans Designs- http://www.twitter.com/aevansdesign
Lynne Anne's- http://www.twitter.com/lynneannes
Design Studio 504/Supply Studio 504- http://www.twitter.com/designstudio504
Andrea Evans Design- http://www.twitter.com/aevansdesign
Lemon Jitters- http://www.twitter.com/lemonjitters
Art by Mags!- http://www.twitter.com/artbymags
5 O'Clock Crows- http://www.twitter.com/5oclockcrows
Nomolos Designs- http://www.twitter.com/nomolosdesigns
Miss Malaprop- http://www.twitter.com/missmalaprop
Koala Bear Creations- http://www.twitter.com/koalacreations
Amazing Art Photos- http://www.twitter.com/amazingartphoto
JMS- Magazine Street Designs- http://www.twitter.com/magazinejms
Chloe Boutique- http://www.twitter.com/chloeboutique
Charmaine's Boutique- http://www.twitter.com/charmainesbutiq
New Orleans Umbrella Company- http://www.twitter.com/lizmpetro
Stitches in Cotton- http://www.twitter.com/stitchesincotton

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Member Artisan Feature--Embellished Bayou

Louisiana life and style is evident throughout Embellished Bayou's lovely shop, run by Christy, a sweet lady with great talent.

A lifelong resident, Christy, attended LSU, lived in New Orleans for 4 years and now resides in Shreveport with her husband and two furbabies. She creates hand painted personalized embellished picture frames and tins, candle embellishments, French memo boards and began creating by making gifts for friends. When she saw items in stores that she knew she could make even better, she knew it was time to sell online!

The lovely soaps in her shop are created by her mother and she has some lovely fleur de lis designs.

Christy loves all the local festivals and also supports local musicians..Cowboy Mouth is her favorite.

You can find more of
her great work on these

The Blog




Thank you for supporting Louisiana artists!
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