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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Handmade Louisiana North Chapter Meeting

Woo hoo! We held our first Chapter meeting this past Sunday at 3 pm in the community room of my apartment complex. I live in a small housing unit for the disabled and we all appreciate the manager, Jarcelet Harris, letting us use the facilities. Mary (in the middle) of Vivys Closet, makes whimiscal children's clothes and painted rocking chairs, she brought a sample of a girl's blue print outfit that was adorable. Amanda Daniel, of Chloe Boutique, handcrafts gorgeous artisan jewelry, and brought a wonderful sampling of her work. Christy Wilson, (to the left) of Embellished Bayou, handpaints frames and tins, offers handcrafted soaps by her mother, and makes custom designs. She brought a cute ruffled t shirt and an adorable handpainted door hanger. And there was me, Jackie Sample (in green dress), of 2 Virgos Designs, an avid soaper and bath and beauty products. I specialize in hand milled soap, Medieval Fantasies soaps, and dog themed soaps. While there were only the 4 of us this time, we found a lot to talk about.

One thing discussed was the possaiblity of sharing a booth at an upcoming (October 23 & 24) Bossier City Shop Till You Drop Arts, Crafts, & Gift Show. I am applying for grant to fully pay for the booth, a stupendous value since it runs around $200. I think it will be a great way to get Handmade Louisiana's name out there and be a wonderful Team event. I will be applying this month, anyone who is interested should contact me at tygerhart@suddenlink.net ASAP and let me know as a list of vendors associated with the booth must be submitted to the show's hostess. All we will have to do is bring our stuff and sell!

We also talked about rotating locations for HML North meetings to give others a chance to host a meeting and to make it convenient for all. Any suggestions or if someone wants to host a meeting please email me or post on the board. We would like to plan on holding meetings every quarter.


  1. Glad ya'll could get together!!! Here's to many more meetings!!

  2. I'm so glad y'all had a good time. I hope it all works out for the booth at Shop Till You Drop. :)

  3. Great to see that you Northerners had a chance to meet and put faces to names. I had a chance to meet Amy, Dee (and her amazing boys), and Merry at a local meeting last spring. I enjoyed our meeting although they were very wicked and introduced me to Hobby Lobby! I've also been able to meet Lisa and Debra at local market venues. I think making real life connections, when possible, helps to make our group stronger. I hope that more of us are able to make to one of the upcoming planned meetings or craft events, so we can all get to know one another better! (Way to go North Chapter - you had the idea for a meeting and made it happen in short order!)

  4. It was nice meeting you guys too! I guess I left just before the group photo!
    I hope our next meeting draws a few more members!


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