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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Artist of the Week!

Congratulations to Kenny Spears as this week's featured artist!

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My Name is Kenny Spears. I'm 30 years old from a small town in southwest Louisiana. Kinder, Louisiana to be exact. I'm not a typical Louisianian in regards that I don't hunt or fish. So I'm not the typical sportsman in the "Sportsman's Paradise". I enjoy BBQ'ing and playing music while in the company of friends and family. I've been married for almost 7 years to a beautiful and wonderful woman who I love very much. We have one son named William Hollis. He's named after both of our grandfathers. I'm a singer/songwriter and guitar player.  Most of my friends are musicians also.

What does a typical day look like for you?My days are anything but typical. I have a job that keeps really weird hours for the most part. If I'm going to work in the daytime, I usually start out before the sun comes up. If its night shift, I get up around 3:00 in the afternoon to spend some time with my wife and son before I head to work. If I'm not heading to work, I usually get up in the morning and hit the coffee pot pretty hard. I love Community Coffee. Like my ol' Pawpaw used to say "IF it ain't Community, it AIN'T". If I'm off of work for the night shift, I gotta try to stay up late to keep my schedule. That's where I get alot of songwriting in. I have a friend in the town of Oberlin not far from Kinder who is also a night owl. We write together and play together on a regular basis.

If you could tell someone anything about Louisiana, what would you tell them?
Its hard to say what you would tell someone who's not from Louisiana about Louisiana. There's so many great things to talk about. From music (which is culturally and geographically our own) to the great food. Man I've been some places where the food was just horrible, but that's the way those people were raised, they don't know any better. But above all, I believe that the certain lifestyle that we live here is the most fulfilling in all the country. We have a rich history of just about everything. All different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds that make this state what it is. Its wonderful.
What is your favorite food from Louisiana?Ma ol' ladies gumbo cher'!
Remember to support your local musicians and watch out for the gators! Geaux Saints! Geaux Tigers!
You can find Kenny on YouTube under Whiky88. (click here to see videos!)  In case anyone would like to contact me my email address is hummingbird1124@rocketmail.com .


  1. Congrats Kenny - a true Louisianian! Great interview!!!

  2. I am so happy to see a musician featured!! :) We love our local musicians! Music is such a huge part of La life!


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