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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blueberry Love at Blue Harvest Farms

We visited the local blueberry picking farm the other day. I highly suggest this activity if you have one near you. Not only do you get a quick, fun, learning experience for the kids, but you get great, healthy food to make a plethora of recipes from.

Blue Harvest Farms uses no pesticides so you can eat RIGHT off the bush! How cool is that!?? Located in Covington, LA off Hwy 21, it's a reasonably priced activity for all. At 10.00 a gallon or 2.00 a pound, it's far cheaper, even with gas, than the 4.00 a pint (or more) price for blueberries in the store. And you picked these yourself, it sounds like work, but it's fun!

Check out Blue Harvest Farms site and Facebook page for details on hours and tips.

Here's our little bit of fun while visiting...

All images ©Amy Dutsch, 2012

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