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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Artisan Features Coming SOON!

Hi all! Don't forget to get active in the forums (click the lovely fleur de lis on the right there---->) and make sure you post in the artisan features section if you'd like to be featured. Instructions on how to do so are there. Then, please be patient! I have a lot on my plate and it takes time to write up a good feature! I don't like Q&A features, so I write them article style.

We had a meeting on May 4th...Okay, Merry and I had a meeting... and that's okay! We all have lives, crazy lives, and we can only do with what we can! That is why the forums are so important! I HIGHLY encourage you to jump right in, chat wherever you feel like. It's easy to keep up with new posts by simply clicking the 'new posts' button once in the forums (and the new ones will be highlighed red). Posting at least ONCE a month is a REQUIREMENT of the group. We do not ask for money and not much of your time, so we feel this is something everyone can do.

We will have another meeting May 25th at 10 am in Covington. Please see the forums for more details.

You are also encouraged to work out your own local get togethers. These need not be anything official, but please feel free to contact members in your area and get together! Share idea, brainstorm, etc. If you have anything that will help the group, please share it on the forums. The Indie Handmade lifestyle is not just about business, but fun, family, friends and laughs!

Again, please feel free to email me any suggestions for the blog or any questions at mamaslittlemonkeys at yahoo.com or direct them through the portal/forums.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and gets their creative juices flowing!!


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  1. I wish I lived closer so I could get to a meeting and get to know you all in person!


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