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Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer, Food and Fun

Yes, summer is officially here it seems. Clothes are drenched in sweat by 10 a.m....that means summer is here in Louisiana! That also means it's gearing up for Festival season (as if we ever do NOT have a festival in La?) So make sure you let us know if you will be at any upcoming festivals in the area so we can come check out your goodies!! In the forums (that lovely fleur de lis to the right there---->) there is a thread for craft shows and festivals.

Summer also means FOOD! (Well, okay, for me it does...) What yummy things will you be eating this summer? Fresh fruits and produce from LOCAL vendors I hope? There is a new produce market soon to open in Slidell that I personally am eagerly awaiting to visit. Don't forget the vendors on the side of the road who could use your support to! I mean honestly, can California strawberries really even compare with Ponchatoula?

Speaking of food, remember we not only welcome handmade businesses but LOCAL, SMALL businesses. We prefer to keep the focus on handmade, but we will also support small business as well and are building a list of small businesses to include on our blog. So if you know of a small business that runs a brick and mortar ONLY in La or the surrounding areas, please email me at mamaslittlemonkeys at yahoo.com and I'll add them after approval.

Be sure to check out www.foodzie.com for indie food providers!

Artisan/Business/Musician features are coming soon...be patient!! :)

Thank you for the support!


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