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Friday, July 16, 2010

July Craft A Long Voting Time!

July's Theme is American Pride. Which item(s) do you feel best captures that theme?
You may vote for more than one item but can only vote once per IP Address.

Entry One:
USA Pride Earrings by ChloeBoutique
Show your support for the Red, White and Blue with these patriotic earrings! Earrings were created using polymer clay beads in shimmery red, white and blue. Each bead is complimented with sterling silver twisted spacers and coordinating Swarovski crystals in light siam, crystal and satin sapphire.

Entry Two:
American Flag Badge Reel ID Holder by Badge Reels

Entry Three:
American Earrings by Etco
Two “one cent” coins from United States of America are combined with Swarovski Crystals and Solid Copper

Entry Four:
July Fourth Fabric Wreath by Mama's Little Monkeys
Fabulous fabric wreath in honor of July 4th!

Entry Five:

Proud to be an American Boutique Hair Bow by Hailey's Beads and Bows

Entry Six:

Oyster Shell Wall Clock by Art on the Half Shell
Art On The Half Shell. Hand-crafted wall clock featuring a dozen oyster shells set like the hours around a red dinner plate accented with gold and royal blue sea glass set like the minutes. The 12 o'clock hour is embellished with a real 7mm pearl

Entry Seven:

Blue and White Hand Spun Cotton Hat by Knitzy
Cotton Yarn - blue, black and white - is knit in a wide rib pattern and can be "folded" into all kinds of interesting shapes. One of a kind, as always

So get to voting friends! :) Assuming the poll does not malfunction again, you can vote on the side bar! :)


  1. Great collection of beautiful items!

  2. Nice blog and a wonderful group of the red white and blue!!

  3. Great entries!!! I like Etco's "Penny" earrings!!

  4. Just wanted to stop by and say I really like your blog - keep up the great work!

    common cents

  5. I am having trouble finding out how to become a member. I emailed the address mentioned but received no response.

  6. Everything is sooo cute. Love the patriotic wreath.

    Being from Louisiana myself, I was really glad I stumbled upon this site.


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