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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Member Artisan Feature: Girls Love Bows

The shop name of this Artisan Feature pretty much says it all,
Girls Love Bows!

Do they ever! Girls Love Bows provides us with all we could ever want in Hair Bows and Ribbon Accessories. Shop owner, T. J. Starkey, writes on her Etsy Shop announcement, that her granddaughters are always requesting “no boring bows”! The bows made by T.J, are nowhere near boring. They are unique, creative, and even made-to order.

While T.J. has been crafting for over thirty years with quilts and other projects, she has been creating these colorful bows for the past four years and it has grown into the business it is today. I was not surprised to find out that her favorite piece is more of a collection really, the LSU bows. They are also her best sellers as they proudly support our local team!

Who would have guessed that making the bows is just as challenging as trying to get them in and out of a little girl's hair! Her biggest challenge is mixing and matching different solids and print ribbons. She is up for the match though! If you have a lonely outfit in need of a ribbon, Girls Love Bows, is the place to go.

There are always moments that make up for the biggest challenges though. “Seeing how the little girls react when they see my bows has to be my favorite thing. One gal that came up to my booth said ‘This is hair bow heaven!’ ”

What would she like to learn? T.J. would like to learn to add tole painting to ribbons. Right now she is currently working on adding monogramming to the ribbons and other projects.

Girls Love Bows is a proud member of Handmade Louisiana. T.J. lives in Hammond, Louisiana on seven acres, surrounded by beautiful live oaks and magnolia trees... “they are captivating and give me such peace…I could spend hours among them.”

T.J. also finds another form of peace with her crafting. She is a West Nile patient and has been asked to speak at the state and national level for mosquito control and West Nile awareness. T.J. has also been featured on local TV. stations, many newspapers, and The Readers Digest, all in the effort to bring more awareness to the front. She is currently in a wheelchair, but is walking more and more.

Daily exercise is building her strength. Building her inner strength and supporting her along the way are her ten grandchildren, that she says help “challenge her muscles”! She has her own gym and has worked with a personal trainer - she is a fighter!

Don’t forget her husband! She calls him her biggest “cheerleader/encourager”. One would think you’d have to be with that many bows around! But truly, she says her husband's support has been essential to her business success!

“Making the hair bows is a wonderful craft that I can do in my spare time: it helps keep me busy, entertained and I feel like I can accomplish something (boosting my self-worth and contributing financially).”

Girls Love Bows sells both retail and wholesale…Look for T.J. at your local craft shows!!!

To Contact Girls Love Bows, Please Visit her Etsy Shop


  1. Cute bows, I love the LSU ones in her shop!

  2. Lovely bows. You can't go wrong with an LSU bow!


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