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Friday, July 31, 2009

Member Artisan Profile: By Apryl

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Apryl, artist and owner of Original Creations By Apryl. Her favorite medium is wire, and she specializes in wire tree sculptures available exclusively online (links below). Check out her stunning cake topper:

She began creating five years ago when she opted not to finish her college education. Looking for a new challenge, she was inspired in part by a friend who had an online business. Apryl says, “I was fortunate enough to have a grandmother who created wire trees and a grandfather who did wire wrap jewelry. They took the time to teach me what they knew and it has become my full time job!”

One of the perks of being a self-employed artist/business woman is total freedom. “I love that I don’t have to work for anyone else or leave the house,” she explains. “It’s horrible and true! I never worked well with others and every job I’ve ever had I’ve always just viewed as temporary. Most days I’m in my pajamas ALL DAY and I love it!”

When asked about inspiration and the creative process, Apryl responded, “I would say that I have whims that excite me so much I have to drop what I’m doing to work on them! I kind of live in a bubble and make things up as I go. I never plan, I just let things fall together as they will. It seems to work.”

Indeed it does! Apryl’s business doubled last year and during the prior year. However, with the downturn in the economy, she’s not seeing growth this year. In response, Apryl is focusing on one-of-a-kind custom orders, rather than trying to launch new lines.

“Lately, I’ve been looking to become less of a business woman and more of an artist,” she explains. “Creating something totally new and different has really gotten me excited. Right now my favorite piece is the one I’m working on, a tree with a beachy shell theme! Tomorrow it could be something to do with wood, or gravel, or some rock I found…who knows!"

When asked what skill she would most like to learn, Apryl says, “Patience! I have none at all. If I’m not busy every second of the day I get a little crazy. I’m sure you meant a business or a craft skill but honestly, patience is all I wish for!”

Her biggest piece of wisdom for other artists is to develop photography skills that showcase one’s items. While pleased with her current photos, Apryl says she’ll be re-taking them over the next week or two because, “I think they can be better!”

Apryl is a transplant to Louisiana. She and her husband reside in Bridge City, which is near New Orleans. She’s originally from West Virginia and lived in New York until her husband found a job here a few years ago. “We really love it here,” Apryl says, “and plan to stay until he retires or we get washed away!” Spoken like a true Louisianian.

To view Apryl’s creations, check the following links:

You can read Apryl’s blog: http://byapryl.blogspot.com/


  1. Apryl's trees are so beautiful. I have been lucky enough to see one in person.

  2. Thank you for such a nice feature. I appreciate it Lisa!

  3. Lovely write up Lisa, and as I've seen these trees in person also,t hey are GOOOORGEOUS!! Makes me want to get married again!! :)

  4. It was my pleasure, Apryl!

    I too had the privilege of seeing the trees in person. They are beautifully-sized, but much more delicate looking than one might expect. Quality-constructed, though, to be sure....


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