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Monday, August 3, 2009

Member Artisan Profile: Lemon Jitters

Katie, of Lemon Jitters, launched her line of jewelry created with vintage and upcycled materials in January 2009. However, she is no newbie to the creative life.

She explains, “My family has a lot of creative thinkers so I grew up making things. We did not have much money when I was growing up so we were constantly having to improvise and make things work without spending a lot. That is where my creativity was born. Now, I can look at almost any situation and think of a DIY solution. My mind often puts things together that do not traditionally fit each other. “

Katie is inspired by items she discovers in thrift and antique shops. “I marvel at the possible history of a piece and instantly visualize the piece in a new setting (such as, dangling from your ears...),” she says. “I love to place an old, abandoned item in a new home, with a new meaning.”

One of her favorite materials is raw brass. “I especially love oxidizing it and watching it turn different shades,” Katie says.

Her favorite piece tends to be the one she’s working on at the moment. She’s currently working on several pieces incorporating vintage hardware. She explains, “I have some pieces in my Etsy shop with vintage keyholes and whatnot. Those are my favorite because they are unexpected.”

Her biggest challenge is time management. A busy graduate student – with a graduate assistantship, no less! – Katie says “maintaining the pace I am working at now will be SUPER difficult [in the fall]. I'll find a way, though. Because I love creating and running a small business.”

If she could offer one piece of advice for new artisans, it is this: “Be willing to invest an enormous amount of time promoting your shop in the beginning. I am still in the beginning stages and it is very hard to get noticed in the online world. But my views are steadily picking up. It just takes a lot of effort. Oh, and offer exceptional customer service. That is key!”

So what’s next for Katie? She is currently developing an idea for a luxury line, Lemon Jitters Luxe, and is further developing her line incorporating antique/vintage hardware. Her items are available exclusively online, but is considering offline venues.

Other skills Katie would like to learn include soldering metal for jewelry making, crocheting and knitting. A Louisiana native, she now lives in the Ruston area. She moved there to attend Louisiana Tech five years ago and stayed.

To learn more about Lemon Jitters:

Visit her Etsy shop: http://www.lemonjitters.etsy.com/

Visit her blog: LemonJitters

On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/Lemon-Jitters/112811350791?ref=ts

On Twitter: http://www.twitter/lemonjitters


  1. I love the use of the hardware. Very unexpected and lovely.

  2. Thanks for the feature! And thank you for reading, everyone! :)

  3. I visited your shop and love your work!


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