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Monday, August 10, 2009

Member Artisan Profile: DebiDeaux

Meet DebiDeaux, creator of handmade flamework glass – beads, sculpture and wearable art. Her fascination with beads came at an early age when, as a child, she would catch glass beads at Mardi Gras parades and would restring them, explaining, “I just had to do something with all those pretty little baubles.”

DebiDeaux began creating with glass for years ago. Her favorite material – no surprise here – is glass. She uses dichroic, pure silver and cubic zirconium in her beads.

Where does she find inspiration? “My garden and the wonderful colors of nature are my biggest inspiration, “ Debi says, “but sometimes all it takes is just the right combination of colors in a magazine or book and off I go to put those colors in a bead.”

Confetti Necklace

Her favorite piece changes regularly, but she is partial to one called “Beached.” Featuring an ivory base with dichroic* and handmade murrini**, it looks like something that might have washed up on a beach.

Debi’s favorite part of the creative process “I can hardly wait to see how a piece comes out after waiting overnight for it to cool down.

DebiDeaux has a deep Louisiana connection. She lives in the New Orleans area. “I grew up in Mid City and now live in the Algiers Point neighborhood,” Debi says. “I traveled extensively in my younger years and never found another area to equal the fun, pleasure and cultural diversity that can be experienced in New Orleans, Louisiana.”DebiDeaux works from her home-based studio in Algiers Point neighborhood. In fact one of the biggest obstacles she faces as an artist is the incredible summer heat. “On excessively hot days my studio can get unbearably hot,” she explains.

Debi walks her dogs on the levee every day and often returns home full of fresh ideas for her studio. In addition, she’s looking forward to a very busy this fall with the local Arts Markets and Festivals.

Glass Rosebud Ring
Her advice for other sellers: “Hang in there! It can sometimes take a while to get started but with networking, a good product and a steady work ethic you can do it.”

What’s next for DebiDeaux? “I would love to learn glass fusing, which is a totally different discipline but when I look around at all the leftover glass from my beadmaking, it just seems like there should be a way to use it.”

DebiDeaux’s amazing glass pieces can be found:
On her personal website: http://www.debideaux.com/
On Artfire: http://www.debideaux.artfire.com/
On Etsy: http://www.debideaux.etsy.com/

Finally, her show schedule is posted at http://www.debideaux.com/shows.htm

* Dichroic glass dates back to at least the 4th century AD. It features multiple micro-layers of metal oxides which provides optical properties.

** Murrini refers to pulled cane, when cut the cross section reveals either a picture or pattern. The multiple-step process, spread over several days begins by layering different colors of glass, once squared in shape, stretched vertically and placed into the annealler (a cool-down oven). Slowly cooling the cane through the annealing process allows the glassmaker to cut 1/4″ slices without the cane shattering. Slices are then arranged into a mosaic, heated and rolled onto the exterior of a crystal bubble.


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  2. Debi's beads are yummy. I am envious of her talent.

  3. Welcome back, Christena!

    Merry, I admire Debi's work too. I tried lampworking at a couple of different points in my life, but I lack the gift. I'll leave it to the true glass artists, thank you very much. :-)

  4. Thank ya'll! Glass is so much fun. And shiny sparkly too.

  5. Debi's work is amazing. I would LOVE to see the lampwork being done...I imagine it'd be very pretty to watch! :)


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