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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where Are We As a Team?

GROWING! Our member list has grown especially in the last few days! I want to welcome ALL our new members and encourage you to get active in the forums. Though our team only requires you to post once per month in the forums, in order to build a stronger team it helps to get to KNOW one another through posts. To help us find your wonderful items, please tag your items with "handmadelouisiana" on any venue you sell on. If you do not sell online, but instead locally or in person, please let me know and I can direct you to our design of business cards and I can create fliers and handouts for you!

If you have not already done so, please make sure your contact info is up to date with Merry. She's out of town at the moment but you can find her at www.cheeseandchocolate.etsy.com and she'll hook you up! We want to make sure our members blogs, sites, etc are all up to date on this blog!

What are our plans for the group for the year?
*Continued monthly meetings, bi-monthly when possible
*Possible charity sampler box sale.
*Advertising, current advertising on BHRBazaar, BHRArtisan Directory and widgets are available for our team for you to promote on blogs and websites.
*Possible teaming up for local craft shows.

We are still a 'baby', born in April, and I love to see growth, ideas, and fun! Our meetings are usually very rewarding and I love getting to talk with fellow artisans who GET it!

I'd also like to officially introduce our official blog authors:
LisaRaspino, is one of the co-founders of Handmade Louisiana, and the blog 'captain' as I like to say.
SayAnythingNotes/Sarah, is a fantastic paper artist and will be writing mostly about artisan features, the local scene and music features (and whatever else floats her boat!)
DazzleMe/Linda, is a multi-talented lady who's photography we've featured here on the blog. She'll also handle artisan features and Inspirational quotes and Wordless Wednesdays (or whatever day we feel like doing it!)

Thank you so much ladies for your hard work and I encourage everyone to share this blog with everyone they can!

Long live Handmade Louisiana!!

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