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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Member Artisan Profile: Spanish Moss Vintage

"A potpourri of aged items that whisper of memories from another time."
Meet Tina, owner of Spanish Moss Vintage! She’s been a crafter all her life and opened her vintage shop on Etsy in May 2008.

She is inspired by anything southern, including nature, literature, music, and the Louisiana landscape. “I have lived in Louisiana all my life and know that it is a very complicated state,” Tina explains, “but I choose to see all the positive aspects of the state - food, music, art, people, landscape, literature.”

When asked about her favorite shop items, she says, “My favorite collectibles are interesting ashtrays to be used for anything other than smoking. I have not had a cigarette in over one year. I personally collect postcards (deltiology) of motor courts, Louisiana, and cards for each state. I also collect Louisiana souvenir figurines.”

Her biggest challenges include learning the background about the vintage items she encounters, as well as trying to discern the next hot new collectible item.

Tina retired with 24 years in public school where I was a speech, language and hearing therapist in Natchitoches Parish. “I spent many years being a people helper and loved it but it was a very serious profession that I gave 100% of myself to. I now want to spend the last half of my life exploring the creative side.”

Her advice to others sellers is to “be true to yourself and explore your creativity and ignite your imagination.”

What creative skills would Tina like to learn? “I would love to be a great seamstress but I remain a real novice,” she says.

On the personal front, Tina has been married to her wonderful husband for 28 years. They have two sons in their 20s. She explains, “my other 2 children are a Border Collie named Scout who is 4 years old and a yellow Lab named Ace who is a year and a half old. We are crazy about these dogs.”

In her spare time, Tina enjoys reading: “My favorite author is James Lee Burke and I adore the Dave Robicheaux series where he is a New Iberia police officer. Tennessee Williams makes me swoon!”

What’s next professionally for Tina? Without elaborating, she said, “I plan to put some of my own creations in the shop soon.” We’ll just have to check back to see what she means. ;-)

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  1. Cool shop, she has a little bit of everything!

  2. Great selection of vintage items. You could list me in there too :) I remember a lot of these great items from my childhood.

  3. Tina has a very nice shop. Great write up!


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