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Friday, September 4, 2009

Member Artisan Profile: KatNawlins

I’m happy to introduce you to Katnawlin’s Shop. Kat has been creating, since her “hand could grip a marker,” she says. Her Etsy shop, open since May 2009, features one-of-a-kind drawings, prints of her work, signmaking and painted baseboards in funky colors and shapes.

When asked how she got her start, Kat replied, “That funky New Orleans beat had to be captured on the page with color and soul!” She draws her inspiration from New Orleans and German expressionism. Kat says the favorite aspect about her art is that “It makes others smile.”

Her favorite piece is called Throw Down Some Food (pictured below).

The biggest challenge she faces as an artisan is maintaining focus. “There is just so much I want to do. When asked what advice she offers other sellers, Kat replies, “Keep it up. Listen to feedback, and then just say with the hell with them!”

Another skill she’d like to learn is oil painting.

Although she moved from La. (Louisiana) to LA (Los Angeles), her connection to her birthplace runs deeply. “I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana,” Kat explains. “There ain't no place like it. We all gotta come home!”

To learn more about KatNawlins, you can visit her Etsy shop at: http://katnawlins.etsy.com/

You can also find her on:


  1. Love it - all of it, line, color, pattern and subject. Yes indeed!

    From Leah @ Black Dog Studio

  2. I really love Kat's eye for color. Doesn't it just "pop"?

  3. I have to agree with everyone else! I love the colors Kat uses. Brava!


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