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Monday, September 14, 2009

Member Artisan Profile: Lisa Raspino Handcrafted Jewelry

Timeless, captivating, and stunning are three words that come to mind when I view the artisan jewelry created by our member, Lisa Raspino. She is the artisan behind Lisa Raspino Handcrafted Jewelry.

Lisa has been creating jewelry since January 2005, but her creative roots go back to her childhood years when she would craft jewelry from parts of vintage jewelry using her dad's pliers and her mom's tweezers. These days, her pieces often feature pearls, gemstones, and sterling silver. Lisa's current favorite item is Dainty Baubles .
These beaded orb earrings are a favorite for two reasons: First, she spent many hours perfecting the skills needed to weave the beaded spheres. Secondly, the earrings were one of the first pairs she created using her own round, handcrafted, sterling silver ear wires.

Lisa draws her inspiration from many sources, including nature and color. She loves finding new jewelry components, creating her color combinations and the feel of the materials in her hands. When asked what were her biggest challenges as an artisan, she replied, "My biggest challenges include 1) finding the time to create -- I'm a busy Mom of three boys and I have a part time job and 2) FOCUSING! (I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and often the ideas come at me faster than I can implement them)."

What piece of advice does Lisa have for other sellers? "Persistence! Trust in the creative process, as much as the business side. I've felt compelled, for lack of a better word, to create a particular piece all the while thinking, 'oh, this will never sell.' And yet it does. From a practical, business aspect it might not have been the best use of my time and materials, but as an artist, obviously I struck a chord.", she said.

Future plans for Lisa include learning to work with PMC (Precious Metal Clay) and creating soldered jewelry. Several years ago, Lisa took semi-private fine jewelry lessons with local jeweler, Alan Hill (of Symmetry Jewelry in N.O.) . "He taught us to saw and shape metal, create bezels, set stones and solder". Lisa loved those classes and would like to get back to creating jewelry using those methods.

To learn more about Lisa and her jewelry, please visit her:

Website- Lisa Raspino

Online shopping venues- http://lisaraspino.etsy.com/

Blog: Jewelry by Lisa

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  1. Beautiful Jewelry, Lisa!! I enjoyed reading about her!
    Thanks for sharing!!


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