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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Member Artisan Profile: Etco, winner of November Craft-a-Long

Congratulations, Yamarilet of Etco, winner of the November Craft-a-long!

Yamarilet has been selling handcrafted jewelry and paper bowls online for about six months, but says “for as long as I can remember I have been a maker of things.”

“My grandmother is an amazing ceramic artist,” Yamarilet explains. “I remember helping her when I was a child, I enjoyed that time so much! So I have been encouraged in that direction since I was a little girl!”

When asked about her favorite creation, she’s hard pressed to choose just one. “I do love a pair of black earrings that I called Manhattan Nights, but I also really like my paper bowls.”

Her biggest challenge as an artist to earning a living from what she loves to do, but the best perk she says, is “it‘s great when you do what you love to do, be my own boss and have the time to be with my children.”

When asked to provide advice for other sellers, Yamarilet says, “I am pretty new myself! Share what you love to do with others, be honest, take the best photos you can, Be patient!” She adds, “Nothing will happen overnight. Post often and the most important: always appreciate and treat your customers with care.”

Yamarilet was born and raised in Venezuela. She moved to United States 17 years ago and has lived in New Orleans for over nine years now. She shares a home with husband William, daughters Nikole and Mara, and finds inspiration from the natural beauty around her. “I always will be connected to LA since my daughters where born here,” she explains. “Time has gone by so quickly, and I’m so grateful for the moments I have here.”

“Being with my family comes before anything else. My life is mostly about my kids, I also volunteer at my daughter’s school,” she says. By way of introduction, she adds: “I love: the ocean, silence, coffee, stay at home, cook, swim, and create things.”

Welcome to Handmade Louisiana, and congratulations on winning the November Craft-a-long!

To learn more about Etco, visit the following links:
SHOP: http://www.etco.etsy.com
BLOG: http://etcoblog.blogspot.com/
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/etco/146192609053?v=wall
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/handmadebyetco


  1. It is an honor to be the featured member artist on the Handmade Louisiana blog. Thank you so much Lisa!

  2. Your work and the photography in your work is absolutely breathtaking!! Can you come photograph my items?? :)

  3. Thank you mamaslittlemonkeys! It is very hard take good pictures. I read a lot and tried my best. I don’t believe I’m good enough to be a photographer but I’m always happy to help!


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