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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Member Artisan Profile: Metrychick (& Giveaway!)

Meet glass artist Celeste of Metrychick. Celeste has been creating all of her life and considers herself fortunate to make money doing something she loves.

Her connection to Louisiana runs deeply. She explains, “My family chose New Orleans and I think it was destiny. My grandpa came here on a buckboard from Picayune, Mississippi -- first generation Italian. My grandmother was born here, second generation Italian. My mother emigrated here from Cuba in '68. I was MEANT to be from here. People traveled to make SURE I would be here. I was born and raised here. Actually, about two miles from where I live and here I was raised to be independent, and a high thinker, and to always wonder and want to learn. I was lucky to have a lot of knowledgeable people in my life and I am blessed.”

In fact, it is her love for her hometown that inspires her art. Celeste says, “I look for what hasn't been done yet. I did that with the New Orleans NOstaLgiA and will keep going.” Her biggest challenge, she says is keeping her work “evolving and fresh, and new, while retaining the spirit of my love of New Orleans and Metry.”

While many artists etch glass, Celeste’s items are unique in that she cuts each piece by hand. “No stencils, no machines, just me, a pattern and my knife.“

Celeste’s favorite piece is a 45-inch diameter bowl (yes, 45 inches!). “I etched over 50 fleur de lis on it,” she says. “My customer told me when they bought it and put battery operated lights in it, the fleur de lis cast a shadow on every wall of the room. It was magical.”

When asked her favorite bit of advice for other artists/sellers, she offers the following: “Keep with it. Pick something you love and stick with it.”

What’s next for Celeste? Perhaps stained glass. “I would love to learn how to solder,” she says. “I have the stuff, but no one to teach me. I can just imagine the art I can make...”

On a personal note, Celeste works part time, home schools two daughters and is a proud military wife. “I love my life and my family. Part of that is loving me and my art,” she notes.

Celeste’s creations can be found on the following:

On Etsy: hvnlydesigns.etsy.com

On her blog: Metrychick.com

On Facebook: Metrychick

~*~*~ You can win a little Piece of Metry Chick! ~*~*~

You can win this beautiful etched candy dish bowl with a lovely jazz second line etched on it.

How do you win this awesome piece?

1. Visit Celeste's Shops at any of the above links. Come back and leave a comment on which item is your fave!

2. Visit one of these shops belonging to my fellow members. Come back and leave a comment on which of their items is your fave!

Flambeaux Design Company

You must leave a link to the items and you must complete steps 1 AND 2 to be entered. You MUST leave a URL, email, or contact IN your comment for us to contact you when you win! We have to have some way to contact you, via your shop, blog, whatnot if you don't want to leave your email.

You have until February 23rd to get your comments in!

Extra entries:
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Good luck!


  1. I love Metry Chick! I love her Mardi Gras Colored Etched Fleur de Lis Wine Glasses but my new fave is the WHO DAT NATION Fleur de Lis Adjustable Ring.

    From Flambeaux, I love Polymer Clay Cocktail Ring - Goldenrod Yellow.

    ~Christy @ Embellished Bayou

  2. I like:

    From hvnlydesigns:

    WHO DAT NATION Etched Round Container

    From Flambeaux Design Company:

    Poppy Hair Pin - Black and Gold

    From Amelia Amos Soaps:

    Purple and Green Fleur De Lis Soap

    From Brkids:

    Personalized Monogrammed X-Large Tote Bag White with Black Polka Dots

  3. facebook and twitter promotion links:



  4. From hvnlydesigns.etsy.com:

    WHO DAT NATION Charlie Glass Pendant

    This one was my Fave! :)

  5. From Flambeaux Design Company:

    Big Chain Necklace - Black and Blue Faux Marble - Handmade Polymer Clay Beads

    I Liked this beauty!

  6. Holy crud - I can only WISH to be half that talented! Nice work Celestey-poof!

  7. I'll have to geaux with the GEAUX Tigers GEAUX bracelet! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=38481886

    AND the monogrammed european market tote basket. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=38825693

    Malena fwmld88@gmail.com


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