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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Congratulations New Orleans Saints!!!

Wow! I never thought I'd live to see the day!! This has been an AMAZING year for our Saints and we deserve this Championship like never before!

I could wax on about Hurricane Katrina, rebuilding, our years in shame with bags over our heads....but you know all that. If you live or have lived here, you know about that. You have picked up your neighbor's yard after a storm, you have painted your nails black and gold even in the darkest of years, you have named your dog Payton.....

YOU are the fans, YOU are the reason this is so awesome! We have an unbelievable team, hard working, talented, honorable, and FABULOUS. But what sets the Saints apart from other teams are the FANS. Saints fans are die hards through the good times and the bad.

Saints fans are what helps make these games and this area so special. We are strong, brave and will fight a good fight. (Okay sometimes we might voodoo your butt if you're mean to us...)

Handmade Louisiana is SO PROUD of the New Orleans Saints and all the fans. The NFL tried to take Who Dat and the Fleur De Lis away from us and we fought back! Senators, fans, business owners banded together and FOUGHT BACK!

Who Dat Nation knows no color, no politics, no parish lines, hell no state lines! Who Dat Nation resides in every Saints fan all around the country and world. Who Dat Nation lives on because we FINISH STRONG.

How the hell do you like THAT GAME!!!???




  1. Oh my gosh! This is one thing I can cross off my bucket list! It's been a long time coming but victory is SWEET! Love ya, boys in black and gold!

  2. I am so happy they won the game! I wish my father were alive to see it.

  3. That was so fun to watch. I kept thinking about Buddy D.

  4. Congratulations to our New Orleans Saints!!! WHO DAT!!!

  5. yay!!!!! Such a great game...though the first quarter didn't look so hot!!!! Geaux Saints!!!!!!!


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