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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Member Artisan Profile: PachaMamma

I’m pleased to introduce Janie, artist/owner of PachaMamma's Handmade Gifts for baby, child and mother. Janie creates sewn gifts, including toys, shopping cart covers, baby slings, nursing covers, personalized books, burp cloths and more!

The Monroe, Louisiana based artist got her start at a young age, making doll clothes and doll quilts. “My mama is a wonderful seamstress/crafter and she taught my sister and me how to do the same,” she explains. “Now I do it as a creative outlet. “

Janie’s creations are tried-and-true. “Every item in my store is something that I have used for our son,” she says, “so they are all cute but also very practical items.”

One of her favorite creations is the ‘My Body’ book, for which the customer provides up to eight photos of their baby’s features. Janie edits the photos, clearly labels each with the body part -- eyes, ears, hands, tummy, hair, etc. -- and creates a fabric-backed accordion book. The book comes with a matching cloth case personalized with the baby’s name or initials. She says, “I made one for my son and love that a baby can learn their body parts while seeing their own pictures!”

As a stay at home mom, Janie’s biggest challenge is finding time to create, but the effort is well worth it, she says. “I get to share a little part of myself with others. “

Her favorite piece of advice for other sellers? “Get active on crafty blogs, Etsy chat rooms, etc. to promote your store. And, don't be bashful! “

Are you curious about her shop name? Here’s what she says on her Etsy shop announcement:

“Pacha Mamma is the South American ‘Earth Mother.’ She is celebrated as one who sustains and promotes life. It was not until I became a mother that I could identify with this, and feel a connection to every mother, past or present, human or not. Let us all celebrate the 'Earth Mother' within ourselves as we sustain, support, and nurture those around us.”

To learn more, visit:


  1. Wonderful artisan feature! I have had the honor of meeting "Pacha Mamma" at a recent craft show in Monroe! Her pieces are so cute, and practical! I don't have children or I'd be buying up a lot of her things!

  2. This is wonderful! Thank you so much!

  3. lovely work - especially like the boys suit on the onesies.

  4. Beautiful shop :) As a mommy to another Harrison, Im partial to PachaMama! :)


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